GCSI WallpaperThe Genesis Creation Science Institute is a creation science organization in the heart of Grand Canyon country dedicated to teaching the truth of Biblical creation for the origin of our universe, our world, and life as we know it.

We provide educational courses, presentations, and studies, as well as creation-themed trips, field work, and events. This includes hands-on educational classes and tours in various fields of study that cover many topics in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, and more.

The GCSI runs CreationTrip.com, where we provide trips and tours to various amazing wonders of God’s creation in Northern Arizona and the Flagstaff area.

Since science is the pursuit of knowledge and God is the giver of all knowledge, we hold to His written Word as the standard in all areas of science, life, and the created world.

lpWe believe that true science and God are not “at odds” with each other, but that a correct interpretation of the physical evidence throughout the world will always point to a Creator.

We do not try to “squeeze” the Bible into science, because the Bible is first and foremost THE authority in all matters. We believe that both Science and the Bible point to the same God.

We stand on the Bible as the foundation to all science and knowledge and hold it to be inerrant in it’s entirety and truly applicable in meaning and understanding according to author’s original intent.