Creation Education for you and your group!

The GCSI provides educational presentations, trips, and events in various fields of study that cover many topics including the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, Biblical Archaeology and more.

We have speakers available for presentations and events at schools, churches, camps and study groups within the Northern Arizona region, and are happy to travel nationwide to your location.

Ways We Can Help!

We’re available to speak at public schools for Christian clubs, assemblies, or after-school programs. We especially love visiting private schools, chapel services, or even teaching science classes with a Biblical world-view perspective.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of students in various elementary, junior high, and high schools and would love to come visit yours! With exciting demonstrations and hands-on learning, the lessons we share with students are sure to leave an impact in their lives.

When it comes to bringing in outside speakers we know expenses can be a struggle for some schools.  That’s why we never want money to be a factor in preventing someone from coming to speak.  In many instances all we ask for are travel expenses for the speaker.

If you are a public school we will come for absolutely free as long as the door is open and scheduling allows! Give us a call at 1.888.739.0444 or contact us online to inquire about getting a speaker for your school!

Our most popular school and assembly talks include:

  • Dinosaurs in the Bible
  • The REAL Noah’s Ark
  • Grand Canyon in 3D
  • Fossils, Rocks, and Flood Geology
  • Space and Astronomy
  • The Beauty of Bees

Churches are our favorite!  We love working with churches for Sunday services, Sunday Schools, youth groups, college groups, Bible studies, or even Vacation Bible School.  We can come speak to your church, provide training for staff and teachers, or even provide consultation for creation and apologetics themed events!

When it comes to bringing in outside speakers we know expenses can be a struggle for some churches and ministries.  That’s why we never want money to be a factor in preventing someone from coming to your church.  In many instances all we would ask for are travel expenses and a “love” offering taken up for the ministry.  Give us a call at 1.888.739.0444 or contact us to inquire about getting a speaker for your church!

  • Why Genesis Matters
  • Archaeology that Supports the Bible
  • Worldwide Evidence for Noah’s Flood
  • The Days of Creation: Science and Scripture

Experiencing both God and nature go hand-in-hand!  Let us help you with your next summer camp, VBS, or camping trip.  We can provide exciting hands-on workshops and electives full of fun and adventure!

For years now we’ve held our own Genesis Camp, and have been part of leading other camps full of hundreds of students for the past 10+ years.  We know kids, and we know how to have fun!  We’d love to help out in whatever way possible, from simply coming in for special talks or sessions, to helping you create and run an entire creation-themed camp.  Let us know how we can serve your camp students!

  • Exciting Science Demonstrations
  • Hands-on learning and fun
  • Age and camp-theme customized talks
  • Spiritual development and application

We really enjoy spending up close and personal time with groups, both big and small.
Call us up and we’ll be there for your next Creation Science meeting, home Bible study, college group, or workshop.

  • Great for in-depth small group teaching
  • Media-filled presentations for creation science meetings
  • Q&A sessions and discussion

We’ve spoken at a number of conferences, and even held our own Genesis Conferences in years past.  We’d love to be a part of your next conference or large gathering.  Whether it’s being a speaker at a creation-themed conference, or simply coming in and adding an exciting creation element to a youth conference or convention, we’ve prepared to bring the message of the creator into the hearts and minds of everyone that attends.

  • Main stage presentations
  • Workshops and electives
  • Conference and convention resource tables/booths
  • Dynamic speaking for youth and young adult gatherings

Help bring insight and understanding to your next field trip, retreat, or mission project while seeing God’s amazing creation with a guide from the GCSI and our ministry.

It’s one thing seeing an amazing place.  It’s another when you can have someone there to help you see the heart of the Creator revealed in science and in scripture.  We’ve been doing trips and tours for groups of all sizes.  From individual families to school classes of 75+ junior high kids!  Contact us or visit to see how a GCSI CreationTrip guide can help open your eyes to the majesty of God’s creation.

  • School field trips
  • Graduation class trips
  • Church groups and ministries
  • Family vacations and reunions
  • Guided tours through National Parks
  • Step-on guides to join your outing