Here’s a theological enigma I have for any Bible believing, yet old-earth (millions of years) creationist/adherent:

How can we have millions of years of death, disease, bloodshed, thorns, cancer, etc. before the fall of man and sin’s curse? This is all found in the fossil record which is supposedly millions of years before man. (By the way, you have to throw out the flood of Noah and the worldwide geological affects it had on our planet to hold this viewpoint.)

The Bible is clear that these all were a result of the fall of man and the curse of sin. Do we not believe things like Romans 5:12 which tell us that through Adam sin entered the world, and death because of sin? Or that death is the “final enemy” to be defeated? How could God call his creation “very good” if it was full of so much death and disease if this is an enemy of His creation?

God is not the author of confusion and there is no logical reason why He could not have told us that the creative process took millions of years, or simply “a long time” if that had been the case. He stated it as 6 “evening and morning” days. We find this not only in the book of Genesis, but also when He writes with His very own hand on tablets of stone in Exodus 20:11. There, written into the very stone of the mountain, God Himself tells us that He created everything in 6 days, and on the 7th He rested, thereby providing us the model for the 7 day week which we still follow. Would we try to call God Himself a liar when He literally wrote this on stone with His own finger?

The bottom line is that according the Bible God created the earth in 6 literal 24-hour days only a few thousand years ago.  Nothing else can be conveyed from scripture to show otherwise.  Don’t just believe me, look for yourself!

If you would like more scientific or theological reasons why the old earth creation or any sort of “millions of years” position is not compatible with the Bible I would be happy to discuss these things with you.